YOU: Lean. Fit. Strong. Just 30 Minutes, Twice a Week.

What if you could become leaner, stronger, and healthier exercising for just 30 minutes, twice a week? And what if this small investment in time markedly improved your favorite sport or activity and decreased your chance of injury?

Our certified personal trainers specialize in a low-force, slow-motion strength training method called SlowBurn (demo video on this page). It is so potent that you will improve your strength, flexibility and endurance - without traditional aerobics or stretching. We guarantee it.

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Using our SlowBurn personal training method, you don’t have to be in shape to get started. Start and get in shape!

best selling book

SlowBurn owner Fredrick Hahn co-authored the best-selling fitness book The SlowBurn Fitness Revolution.

Tony Robbins

"I highly recommend Fred Hahn's SlowBurn system of exercise. His method is a potent means for developing yourself both physically and spiritually in a safe and time efficient manner."
Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Author,
and Peak Performance Strategist