The SlowBurn Nutritional Approach for Maximum and Permanent Fat Loss

Fat loss, not necessarily weight loss is what you really want.

Fat loss is very different from weight loss as loss of weight can come from loss of bone and muscle as well as from fat. You want to lose fat only and build bone and muscle at the same time. And this is precisely what our SlowBurn personal training program will do for you. And we guarantee it.

SlowBurn strength training along with our real food, low sugar, adequate protein eating plan will ensure that the weight you lose comes only from fat. FatLossPlan
While SlowBurn strength training contributes to fat loss, the specific types of foods you eat are the number one factor in losing (or gaining) fat. We'll teach you everything you need to know about eating the correct foods (not counting calories) to maximize improvements in your health which will result in steady and permanent fat loss.